Friday, February 17, 2006

An Alternative Thought For the Day

By Josh and Jocasta Eco-Warrior, multiply-pierced, dreadlocked recipients of a trust fund.
Josh: Yah, it's like a fact that unless we all stop using filament light bulbs before about August that by early 2009 most of East Anglia will be under 6 feet of water! It may not matter too much if you're a chav living on the sixth floor above the high water mark, but my trust fund's got substantial holdings in East Anglia and I'd be personally affected, so be fair!

And it doesn't have to be too hard if we all just play our part. I can make it virtually carbon neutral every time I take a dump, so long as I only use two sheets of "Extra Green, Twice Recycled, Hemp enhanced by hand, Light Sawdust Finish, Sooper Loo Rolls" only £7.99 per roll of 36 sheets, available exclusively at 'Imagreentwat' Health and Wholefoods. (Owners J&J Eco-Warrior). And then planting an acorn somewhere on the estate. Anyone can do that. So long as they live on a proper estate, not one of those council ones. Yuck.


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