Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dickie's Dish of the Day

Each week we like to give the ladies, (and those chaps of a compatable disposition, we're very equal opportunities here) a little quiver of pleasure with a chap who's not just a 'handsome hunk' but: a handsome hunk with a tip-tip mind and a smooth, soothing voice too. So this week's Dickie's Dish Of The Day is News 24 smoothie, 5live newshound and thinking woman's love puppy, Julian Worricker:

pictured here without his 5live kagoule. As he works for footie-mad 5live we'd better have him lightly roasted, with couple of mashed swedes and a buttered turnip.
For those with a taste for leftovers you can still cop an eyeful of asteriod-aware MP Lembit Opik too. As You Lembit


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