Monday, February 27, 2006

Dicky's Daily Ditty

Dicky was strutting his stuff this morning to the sounds of one of the aesthetic peaks of the 20th century, Frank Ifield's I Remember You (you've got to let it all hang out sometimes)
Then the news came through: one of today's popular crooners, George Micheal (a man not fit, to discerning ears, to handle Rolf's didgeridoo, let alone blow Frank's mouth harp) had been found so "spliffed out" as the youngsters say that he was (allegedly) almost comatose. Still, our slide into cultural, social and aesthetic barbarism has one silver lining, it enables me to recycle my favourite quip about the careless w***er, "George Micheal thinks Viagra's a complete waste of money: when he wants to get turned on he only has to spend a penny.


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