Sunday, February 19, 2006

Just Who Does "Dickie Entrails" Think He Is?

A middle-aged pervert in a cardigan? Undoubtedly, but so much more too. A scourge on our vacuous, trivial, celebrity-obsessed society, lacerating the egos of the immoral and inane. Possibly. Somebody who likes Dr Who quite a bit, but not to the extent of being weird about it. Without question. Look upon my weblog, you mightiest of the mighty, and beware. Quiver just a little for no-one, be they from society's Himalaya to it's sewers, none of you are quite invulnerable to Dicky Entrails. Indeed anyone with the courage to undertake a
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy of the soul will come face to something with a part of themselves, hidden deep inside, that really is: Dickie Entrails.


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