Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Royal Respeck!

At the heart of it, when you think about it, is that Prince Charles just isn't getting enough respect. And you've got to admit, if you're honest, that the standard of bowing and scraping today just isn't what it was just a few years ago, with that awful man and so on.
So, nip along to Dave Cameron, tell him Tony's on a massive vote-winner with the Respect Agenda. Now Cameron's so keen to become Tony he'd chop his own wotsit off if that's what Tony did over Clause 4. So you walk out with a Right Royal Respect Agenda.
Including the Yo! Majesty Scheme where the Heir to the throne goes among inner-city, hoodie, unemployed johnies and recruits them into the Prince's Trust Elite Volunteers. Couple of years on could be CiC of the Prince of Wales' Third, er, Organic Garnders, if you get my drift, sir.


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