Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sire, If a Humble Subject Might Make A Suggestion...

If his Royal Highness is convinced that he's a dissident he might consider self-publishing his dangerous, radical ideas. He might like to consider two versions of the Wisdom of the Heir ,(Snappy title yet New Agey too) a deluxe, organic, everything hand-done, signed and numbered edition for 14,999 guineas and a chav one on recycled Highgove loo paper for 99 quid.
Result, employment for highly skilled luxury book manufacturers, a healthy donation to the Prince's Trust and an enlightened masses. Win/Win!
And I'd be honoured, if asked, to squeeze a toothpaste tube or hold a specimen bottle for the Heir to the Throne.
No, your majesty, I really couldn't take anything for the idea. Well, if you absolutely insist, there isn't an Earl of Worcester, right now, is there?


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