Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bungling Fraudster

(Don't know what made me think of that subject, but...)
This story is true. Really true, it happened to a relative. It's not an urban myth. When my relative decided to divorce her husband it occurred to him that this would involve opening up the books of his business, a small garage and car repair workshop. He then hit on the Baldrick-style ruse to make up the inevitable shortfall, and called the police to announce there had been a hold up when he was alone with a week's takings.
Unfortunately he hadn't done his rehearsal quite right, and when the police played back the security video they didn't see any robbers, but they did see a reflection of him, hitting himself around the face with a metal pole to produce bruises.
He got a year: six months, I like to say, for attempted fraud, and six months for criminal stupidity.


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