Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dickie's Dish of the Day

As regular consumers of Entrails' ouevre will know, at weekends we like to print a picture designed to give our lady readers (and those gents whose tastes run that way too!) the kind of quiver of pleasure in the abdomen for which Premiership footballers are prepared to risk invalidating the warranties on their mobile phones.
It takes more than just good looks to become Dicky's Dish Of The Day. We also require an intellect sharp enough to slice steak, gallons of charisma, and a voice which is the aural equivalent of a massage. So it's no surprise that Dicky's latest Dish Of The Day is our compass on the Moral Maze, Tory MP for Surrey Heath, Times columnist, and self-confessed Notting Hill setter, Michael Gove.
We'd like this hunk of Aberdeen Angus rare, with neeps and tatties and a wee dram. (We're NOT making any Kennedyesque implications, we're sure Michael is a moderate and sensible drinker, just like Dicky, and, we hope, all our readers.)

Michael Gove

Slightly naughty thoughts involving Micheal Gove MP


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