Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dickie's Dish of the Day

Well, it's finally time for us to give the ladies (and, as we always point out, any gentlemen whose inclinations run that way too) a little frisson of pleasure with a sighting of a special mna who'll get those juices flowing. Today's dish gave a guest appearence on Dr Who which, fans of the show say, was one of the most memorable since Martin Clunes' heavily kohl'd new romantic turn in 'Snakedance'

Yes, of course, today's choice as:
Dickie's Dish of the Day
is the Johnny Depp of political correspondants, Andrew Marr.

As he's a Dundonian it should be a piece of cake to find a culinary metaphor, and he's certainly sweet enough, but bearing in mind that he gives many of us a little pleasure during our Sunday AM lie ins, and that we often 'Start the Week' with him, we'll have to say that our preferred dish is "Andrew Marr: the Full Monty".
Please remember, other dishes are available, simply scroll down for links.


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