Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let's Lick Litter

Attentive readers may recall that Dicky has been approaching councils about the possibility of staging a Happening in their parks. Here's the next step: a detailed outline:

First of all I must say how delighted I am that so many local authorities have expressed a positive interest in hosting a Dicky Entrails Happening in their area!
Getting down to specifics, let's drop this in your duckpond and see if it paddles.
The whole piece could be summarised as a photo-story, a sort of strip cartoon, but with photographs rather than cartoons.
1: Dicky at home, reading the paper and sighing, "The world's in such a mess, I wish I could DO something.
2: Inspiration. (A lightbulb appears over Dicky's head!)
3: The actual Happening. An audience has been drawn by teasers announcing a "Happening" but with few details of what will actually happen, using partly traditional media, Time Out listing, press release, posters, etc, but also viral marketing via the web, blogs, e-cards, etc, the kind of approcah which made Flash Mobs work.
4: Shortly after the designated start time, when the audience are milling, unsure what will happen, Dicky will slip into his superhero outfit (Similar to above, but with a contrasting mask, cape, and external underpant area, obviously.)
An announcer with a megaphone calls out, "Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's a masked mystery man, and he's (gasp) Picking up litter!"
5: Dicky picks up litter, while the audience gasp and hold up signs with "Zap, Kapow, etc" (we could Photoshop them on later, but it would be more fun to have then phsically present, like the 60s 'Batman' TV show. The actual litter provides opportunities for product placement for companies such as McDonalds, who I will be approaching re sponsorship.
6: Dicky decamps to preserve his secret identity, but the announcer says, "the masked mystery man has gone, but that doesn't have to be the end of it. Picking up litter doesn't have to be an extraordinary happening: it's something anyone can do, any time, let's start now. Let's Lick Litter!"
7: The final frame of the cartoon, which could be made into an A4 handout or blown up and exhibited, in addition to internet publication, ha sDicky at home contented, with the caption, "Dicky was mistaken. You don't have to be a superhero to fight litter, anyone can do it.. Lets Lick Litter Together!
An innovative artistic project, I'm sure you must agree, and one which stans out from the tawdry throng of supposedly "shocking" artists, the Tracey Emins and the Jake & Dinos Chapmans, by carrying a clear message of civic responsibility.
With you help it could happen.:
Let's Lick Litter

Dicky Entrails


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