Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let's Make Roadsweeping Sexy

Now we all know that Dicky Entrails is a passionate devotee of the unsung superheroes of local government. Out browsing the fashions in the boutiques of Soho I couldn't help but notice that there are fair few outfits around in rubber nowadays. Now some of them would clearly not be suitable as daywear, but I see no reason why something like this:

with, of course the addition of an appropriate logo, could not be supplied to those toilers with the Sisyphian task of keeping our pavements pristine. Hardwearing, weatherproof and wipeclean, a boon to our heroic streetsweepers.
And I must take this opportunity to implore any of my readers who go out equipped with plastic bags, into which they slip their doggy detritus, don't then leave it in situ! Take Pooch's parcels away with him. It's not nice even when, as in Ledbury Road, it's a very hip designer bag: it's still doggy dooh dooh inside.


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