Friday, March 10, 2006

No Brainer For A No Brainer

CELEBRITY Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton was branded a “self-centred thick blonde bimbo” in 'The Sun'. Who said investigative journalism was dead? “Obsessed with her looks and cannot live without make-up”, “the potential to be a complete bitch” are quted from an internal document by production company, Endermol.
*She has bagged at least £500,000 since being put into the House as a fake celebrity.
Meanwhile synthetically-hued former house mate Jodie Marsh isn't bovvered that Chantelle hasn't contacted her. She's so not bovvered that she writes 1,200 words about how not bovvered she is, and, I wish her luck, I really do. You need a brain, talent, personality and you need to be interesting to survive in this industry. I don't know how long she'll be around. Personally I'd rather watch the real Paris Hilton than her and I won't watch anything she does, but that's me... It's a shame that she turned out to be as cold and selfish as the rest of them
Chantelle has bagged at least £500,000 since being put into the House as a fake celebrity.
It's possible that Chantelle has been advised that associating with Ms Marsh would be bad for her image. A charity called Beatbullying had Ms Marsh as it's "ambassador" before her appearence on Celebrity Big Brother, and received a substantial amount of money from the show by being one of her nominated charities. It has also received a number of complaints about her conduct and been forced to issue a statement dissociating itself from her weblog. Despite the donation there is now no mention of her on the Beatbullying website.
Meanwhile Chantelle continues to rake it in, despite, in Jodie's eyes " Chantelle has lost an army of fans for stating that she won't be friends with me (believe it or not all you nasty people that read this - I do actually have a very large fan base)
Chantelle has no talent to market: she's not a singer or an actress, so image is even more important to her than most "celebrities". Her image is her career. It's a no-brainer even for a no-brainer.

Especially one who really, really wants to be famous. Even though, I'm sure, Chantelle did, genuinely like Jodie.


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither of these women has any talent. Chantelle at least appears attractive while Marsh has possibly the ugliest personality I've ever seen on the internet.

Her blog reveals her as jealous, manipulative, selfish, abusive and completely lacking in morals. Her willingness to have sex with every Tom, Dick and Dave and then to detail her sexploits publicly is disgusting when she courts popularity among young people.

She clearly thinks she's very important. She isn't. I'm surprised she hasn't worked out that the hangers-on in her life are only there because she's treating them to meals, nightclubs etc and she's a joke in the media.

Perhaps the people who should shoulder most of the blame for her behaviour are her parents. It's too late for her to redeem any respect. She's got an infamous reputation as a slag but they seem to be encouraging her if the remarks on her blog are anything to go by. Most parents would be appalled by her behaviour.

This is not a woman who is ever going to be happily married with 2.4 children. The sort of men she attracts see her as an easy lay. Men don't marry women like that.

Neither is she intelligent, witty or particularly articulate. She has a vicious personality, a sharp tongue and a huge streak of jealousy for others' success that she cannot conceal. She's turned her unwelcome attentions from Jordan to Chantelle.

She's a classic bully of the type she claims to despise.

As for her relationship with the charity Beatbullying, I'm surprised the Charity Commission hasn't parachuted in an investigator to find out why those in charge are hell-bent on destroying the organisation by their association with such an appalling woman. The damage the Marsh scandal has done to their reputation is permanently on the internet for anyone to see if they search for the charity on Google.

If Marsh was bullied at school then that may have been her fault. She's attention seeking, abusive, totally lacking in empathy, self centred and unpleasant.

As soon as the tabloids stop taking an interest in her life expect her to check in to The Priory with 'stress'.

You read it here first.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Dicky Entrails said...

Remember that Jodie Marsh has said she has no sympathy for anyone who goes into rehab, "It's all their own fault." Meanwhile her oft-repeated description of a good night out is that it finishes withsomeone holding back her hair as she throws up. Classy, but i too think a spell in the Priory or similar can't be far off


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