Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Public Information Announcement

Dicky Entrails is a lifelong admirer of Public Information films, you remember them, the ones which helpfully told you that it's not wise to put bits of wire into plug sockets and switch on, or place lit cigarettes down the back of the sofa before going to bed. Indeed it's near thing that you're in the World of Dickie Entrails at all: it could have very easily been The World Of Reginal Molehusband.
The votes have been cast, and the winners selected. My personal faves have to be "Don't go near the water..." which traumatised a generation, and the only a teensy weensy bit patronising, "Jobs for Girls."
Lots more here.
Oh yes, in the same spirit, "there may be better things to do with £1,500 than buy Jodie Marsh's Suitcase."


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