Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stand By Your Tessa

The Friends of Tessa Jowell
So peturbed by harassment of our fair Tessa by the malevolent media has Dicky Entrails become, that he has launched a whole site devoted to her, thus:

Welcome, friend to this site set up to hymn the worth of Tessa Jowell. The Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood since 1992. Tessa Jowell, feline glamourpuss. Tessa Jowell the gambler's pal (and who better to integrate the financial practices of Government and casino owners?) Tessa Jowell, Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell, Minister for Women, Tessa Jowell, Blair Uberloyalist, Tessa Jowell, loving wife of the financially audacious David Mills (Stop Press, not sure on last bit).
Whichever Tessa Jowell tickles your fancy, leave your message of support in her hour of need. We don't care, be you a mysterious but VERY influential Italian with £350,000 to give, running some sort of elaborate off-shore Caymen Island-based highly tax efficient hedge fund with esoteric financal knowledge, or just a Labour voter wishing to say thank you and donate a few quid of their benefit, all welcome.

Support The Friends of Tessa Jowell


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