Thursday, March 16, 2006

Suitcase Farce, Act V

Another bidder, new account, joined today, no feedback, from Essex, now over £4,000 of monopoly money bid. Follow the action as it happens, with caustic commentary, on Digial Spy.

STOP PRESS Currently a bidding frenzy between "Marshy 012" and "Spaniels Ears" pushing the price over £7,500. BUT an anomoly. There has been a bidder who normally buys Barry Manilow CDs and Argos discount vouchers chipped in with an offer of £6,627.57 (intriguingly precise?). But they've got feedback: it's a real eBay account, not a fake set up for this auction. (Shakes head). Marshy and spaniels ears are blocked, "not considered serious bidders". Like the others are!


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