Friday, March 17, 2006

SuitKase Closed.

Continuing the saga of "Would you Buy a used Suitcase..."
From Jodie Marsh's Blog, posted well after the auction for her suitcase closed on eBay:
P.P.S The suitcase is doing well on ebay. Or so my friend who's auctioning it tells me anyway. I think tonight was the last night for bids. I'm not sure who got it but my mate said it might be a guy who is willing to pay an extra grand for me to deliver it to him. Turns out the guy lives right near some friends of mine, so I can pay them a visit at the same time, if I do decide to go. Don't you just love it when things turn out good?!
So she hadn't looked at eBay and noticed that the final day had been a farce, numerous bids by new accounts with no feedback, some of which were newly created with pointed names, such as "Marshy 012" or "Spaniels Ears" (which, in case you don't know is how her breasts have been described) the name of an ex of hers and one too tasteless to repeat. Mid afternoon some of the blantantly false bids were cancelled, leaving the top bidder:
"sharni07 ( 237Feedback score is 100 to 499) Cancelled: £6,627.57
Explanation:bidders request Bid:16-Mar-06 14:51:52 GMT
Cancelled: 16-Mar-06 19:28:09 GMT"

Producing this priceless exchange:
Q: Hi, please can you cancel my bid? I was outbid this afternoon so placed a bid on another auction and won. I have just been informed you cancelled the bids that came after me! I thought once I was outbid that was that! I no longer have funds to buy this item I am afraid. I have now just paid for the other item I won, if I still had the money I would'nt mind, I just don't have the money anymore, I paid via credit card. Sorry hun. Thanks very much, hope you still get a good price for it. Regards Sharni07
A: Hi - the bids cancelled were bogus ones, people just trying to wreck the auction. Shame. This is in a good cause, but some sad people have nothing better to do than try to spoil things for others. They really need to get a life! Don't those auction wreckers realise they could be pursued through the courts if their bid ends up on top? Anyway thanks for getting in touch, I will cancel your bid as requested.

(EBay records show that Sharni's only other purchase that month was a Barry Manilow video, price 60p!)
With around ten minutes to go all bids were cancelled by buyer, citing: Explanation:no contact from bidder as requested
Now a little analysis of Ms Marsh's statement.
Her memory had slipped rather. Two days earlier she had no difficulty remembering exactly when the auction was ending and plugging it in her blog. Now she's very vague, I think tonight was the last night for bids. I'm not sure who got it. Equally she's rather vague on the law of contract, the guy's prepared to take up her offer to deliver for a grand, which she'll do, if I do decide to go
If they knew a guy who is willing to pay an extra grand for me to deliver it to him. Turns out the guy lives right near some friends of mine there must have been some contact, mustn't there? So, the questions I have for Ms Marsh are: 1, "was there a bona fide bidder among the jokers, and did you cancel the auction to sell off eBay and avoid paying their fees, or is this made up to avoid the embarassment of having no genuine bidders?"
2,Most of the bids on the final day were undoubtedly fake, but were some of the fake bids placed earlier See Part 1 "shill bids" designed to artificially inflate the price?
And what does the whole episode tell us about Ms Marsh's attitude to her fans. Although there was a donation made to charity by Channel 4 for Celebrity Big Brother she was doing a paid work on the show, and was given the suitcase free: she's selling it to raise money for her brother to make a record, not for a "good cause". To me these look like the actions of a woman who regards her fans with contempt and merely as the source of a quick buck.
An alternative view of the fiasco.
PS The chance to buy a bag o'tat, Jodie Marsh style has gone, descending into another farce, but don't despair, you could still, if you've got 50p to spare get some Marsh memorabilia.
Or, if you're very brave, try a peek into the mind of a Jodie Marsh fan Think very, very carefully before clicking that link. She bid for the case. £6,627.57.

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At 5:05 PM, Blogger Lubin said...

I can't cope!!! And worse still, the bidding madness continues with the Jodie Marsh goody bags, where it looks like Dead Kym has resurfaced, to cast her ghostly bidding hand across ebay once more.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can sarahsharni be bidding for a suitcase when she's begging for 2 grand to go see barry "the pits" Manilow !!!!!. Something smells like carp here.


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