Saturday, March 04, 2006

They Deserve Better!

Sometimes this country disgusts me. The way in which the brightest and best can eviscerate themselves on the altar of public service, and yet, instead of building statues and prostrating ourselves before them, we turn on them and hound them from office for even the faintest hint of a supposed misdemeanour. Look at these titans and their petty misdeeds and weep:

Jonathan Aitken: A couple of nights B&B in Paris.

David Blunkett: A red-blooded man with urges.

Lord Archer: a few quid to a prostitute.

Peter Mandleson: Fancied a smarter pad.

Neil Hamilton: accepted envelopes.

And now the fragrent Tessa Jowell,the subject of opprobium because her husband forgot to mention a small gift he'd received. If we continue to persecute our elected leaders for trivia who will be left to lead us? We should all get on our knees and beg Tessa to stay. Bring back some deference into public life!


At 6:05 PM, Blogger eeore said...

I agree with you, we should doff our caps more and polish our whippets and stay out of politics.


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