Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wanker of the Week

Let us not be judgemental about this. In his youth Dickie Entrails himself was not a complete stranger to the peasures of the palm, but the years have taken their toll, and nowadays even the sight of self-confessed punk Tory MP Micheal Gove, dressed only in a ripped Sex Pistols tee shirt pogoing slowly and sensuously to the strains of "Oh Bondage, Up Yours" by X Ray Spex would scarcely be enough to fully unfurl Dickie's love courgette, let alone call for a Kleenex.
Recently though, Dicky has come across a brace of disciples of Onan worthy of note. There's the chap (somehow I feel it must be a chap) who until recently ran a page on Myspace pretending to be Jodie Marsh. If he got his kicks from a spot of solitary sexuality while reading emails from 13 year old boys along the lines of, "Jodie U R fit, I'd like to... etc" well good luck to him, I say. Shows initiative. There's probably a career in politics ahead of him. Well, maybe not politics, maybe the Lib Dems. Speaking of Lib Dems, one them was asking about Ms Marsh recently, in the House of Commons
My other inveterate self-pleasurer has to be dangerman. Not Patrick MCGoohan in his pre-Prisoner role, but some person who uses the name to spend their time making irritating, prissy comments on discussion forums, accusing those of us who slag off "celebs" of being obsessive when they're not running this site for Kleenex bulk-buyers . Clearly it's not just too much time he's got on his hands.
PS: It has just been suggested that they could be the same person! No, if he did it that much it'd have dropped off by now, surely?


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