Thursday, March 30, 2006

A War For A Photo-Opportunity

I'm delighted to see that a weblog, the magnificent Riverbend has been nominated for a major literary award.
It's one thing to read the appalling military and civilian casualty figures, but reading 'Riverbend' shows how civil society in Iraq has been destroyed.
The pundits may waffle on about how "there is a price, but it's worth it to bring freedom and democracy..." (Though there seem to be far fewer of them nowadays) But the reality is that women in Iraq cannot go out of the house safely. That doesn't sound much like freedom to me.

Remember Saddam's statue being toppled? And I'm sure the G.I. who put the Stars and Stripes there got told off. Because it was all about Iraqi freedom, wasn't it? I'm sure that, when plans were being laid for the war this moment...

the toppling of the statue was the climax of the plans. It was going to be the fall of communism all over again, the symbols of the hated regime destroyed by cheering, newly-free masses. Except, of course, in eastern Europe there weren't foreign tanks blockading the area around the photo-opportunity:

That was the limit of post-war planning in the White House, wasn't it? Utterly destroy Iraq's infrastructure with bombs and missiles, disband the surviving army and police, but hey, it's OK because we'll tear down a statue on TV and show that we're the good guys. All the Iraqis will love us, except maybe a few terrorists. After all, Saddam's gone, so no-one's gonna mind having their friends and relatives killed, their homes and jobs blown to smithereens. That's just the price you have to pay for freedom.


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