Sunday, March 26, 2006

Where to Put Jodie Marsh's Suitcase?

(You, at the back. You're not the first one to have come up with that answer.)
Now, let us assume that you have come into possesion of said item. We won't wory about how, you just own a suitcase used by Jodie Marsh and valued at £1,500. What would YOU do with it?
A: Make sure it's properly insured and put it in safe storage - it's valuable, you know!
B: Find a suitable spot in your pad to display it to best effect.
C: Clean off the scribbles and put your woolies in it next time you go for a weekend in Scunthorpe, no-one will know whose it was.
D: Try to flog it for £1,500 on eBay. There's one born every minute.

If your answer is D, your surname is Marsh, and why are you reading this?

The correct answer is on Jodie Marsh's Suitcase


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