Saturday, March 11, 2006

Will Dicky Break The Final Taboo?

No, not that one. Honestly, have you ever seen Old Mother Entrails?
I mean:

We'll have no trouble here, we're a local party for local people. We want no foreigners with their funny ways, or asylum seekers - bogus, I'll warrant - or Brussels bureaucrats with their regulations. We're a local party for local people.
And that's before you get them on gays, or single mothers...
But we have a Government which is fundamentally dishonest, complacent and increasingly corrupt.
So Dciky really has been dabbling with the dark side, even participating in discussions on an intelligent Tory site on topics such as "have the centre left won?" (they have on one vital area, of which more later) and "what makes a good right wing play/film."
Now in America it would be quite easy to imagine a hip artist, someone like Quentin Tarantino, saying, "I'm a Republican, I agree with them on this, and this and this..." Unthinkable for the equivalent in the UK.
In the discussion on the arts there was a sizeable lobby wanting "wholesome traditional, films supporting family values." I started thinking, Disney? The Waltons?
Terry and June? Surely not this sort of wholesome fun? One way in which the centre left has won is an increase in everyday social liberalism. Never mind what people tell opinion polls, they have gays, single mothers, other races, spliff-smokers among their family and friends, and they and don't condemn them.
One thing I was taught to be proud of about Britain when I was at school was the tradition of individual liberty, Magna Carta, habeas corpus and all that. Why not try to conserve that?
Instead some Tories want to take us back to some supposed 'Golden Age' of the family.
History hasn't got a reverse gear: we can no more revert to the social moresof the 1950s than uninvent the mobile phone. The Conservative Party needs to embrace diversity in practice. Not just have a couple of nice men called Patel say exactly the same thing as all the white men in suits, but to actually want the gays and the single mothers they had previously rejected. In the case of gays with section 28 deliberately offended. Back in the 80s being gay-friendly was loony leftand section 28 was a populist measure. Now civil partenerships were introduced with barely a murmur of opposition. That's one the centre left did win.
If the Conservatives are to be an important 21st century party they need to prove that they have exorcized the spirit of Mary Whitehouse and section 28, and I'd like to see Dave Cameron prove that he's not in thrall to the bags in hats at the conference, "lock 'em all up forever: and longer!"
The Militant tendency he needs to confront are the Ann Widdicombes and the Norman Tebbits, so that the Conservatives can honestly say, "We believe in letting people live their lives how they want."
And Terry and June won't be compulsorary, honest. You can even watch films with kissing with mouths open if you're over 21!"


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