Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Would You Buy A Used Suitcase From Her?

As eBay have removed the discussion of the Jodie Marsh suitcase sale I linked to below, I'll recap the saga as briefly as possible. The suitcase, along with scrawled obscenities by Ms Marsh which she assumes adds to its value, were placed on eBay by a mr.mxyzptlk99, who buys musical instrument parts made from buffalo bits which are imported from Taiwan. This listing lasted for a few days with no bids, before it was withdrawn because it didn't comply with eBay rules by linking to an external site, Ms Marsh's blog.
The moment the case was relisted bidding began, with two potential buyers bidding, amanda12340_2 and kasie9775. kasie (note that name casie wiv a K) had only just opened their account, but they had had time to start bidding on items offered for sale by amanda12340_2. Experienced eBayers thought that there was a whiff of rodent, and it did seem that amanda12340_2 (formerly amanda12340) was slightly dodgy. She cunningly attempted to throw investigators off the scent with a change of user name to eboni001, but to no avail, and the account is now Not A Registered User (NARU: eBayese for kaput.) leaving kasie9775 the only bidder on the case.
But up pops bobbyjonsie who has had an account for some time, but never bought anything, only slagged off people whose goods she bid for but never paid for.

Now Mr Buffalobits (right)had got very cross when people had initially suggested the possibility of "shill bidding" but he didn't seem to mind having those two bidding on the item.
Now comes the complicated bit. The evening of 14/3/06. bobbyjonsie had bid up to £2,000 at 20:16:15 GMT, but the actual figure required to win the item was £1,500, just more than kasie9775 was prepared to pay. This is where the bidding stood when Jodie published her blog between 20:00 and 20:14, saying "the auction's going very well, up to £1,500 already."
At 20:05:34 digidesignart, a rarely used eBay account registered in Essex entered the discussion on the bidding, saying that it was nasty and vindictive. Could this have been somone involved?
At 20:06:49 rebecca9659, a new ebay account, opened only that day, made their first, and to date only eBay bid: £2,000 for the bag.
By 20:16:15 GMT bobbyjonsie was bidding £2,000 too.
At this point something seems to have gone wrong. At 20:32:32 GMT rebecca9659 withdrew her bid, less than half an hour after placing it because she'd "entered the wrong amount"?
20:46:56 GMT bobbyjonsie withdraws bid placed 30 minutes earlier because they,"cannot contact seller". Asking price now drops to £1,000 as all higher bids withdrawn. Whoops!
20:47:35 GMT 39 seconds after withdrawing bid, bobbyjonsie resumes bidding, but only up to £1,500. Now there may be some explanation for all these shenanigans which doesn't involve "shill bidding" to artificially inflate the price of the item, but I can't think of it. Anyone able to enlighten me?

If you've bothered to read all that you deserve a laugh

There's More: Read The Shocking Conclusion

As The Kase is STILL for sale there's now a new site devoted specially to it and its adventures


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