Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Skanky Ho"?

Now Dicky's the first to admit he doesn't dangle with de yoot in his hood, or even in his trilby, and he most certainly couldn't tell one end of his nang from his butters. But the phrase, "skanky ho" which he has come across several times lately (usually, it must be said, in conjunction with Jodie Marsh [above]) has a certain charm.
It sounds rather nautical, and I imagine it being used something along the lines
Captain: Can you see anything from up on the rigging, boy?
Sailor: Nothin' clear, sir.
First Mate: Cap'n, you'd best know, some of the men are beginnin' to whisper...
Captain: If I hear any whispers I'll clap 'em in irons.
Sailor: Skanky Ho! Skanky Ho!
Captain: Splice the mainbrace and twiggle the mainspliff, we've got a skanky ho astern!
First Mate. That'll keep the men happy tonight.

Please don't bother correcting me if I'm wrong. I'm perfectly happy with my meaning for the phrase.

Full Jodie Marsh updates are available on Jodie Marsh's Suitcase. (Writ Pending?)


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