Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Isn't This An Ideal Time For You?"

Dicky was asked recently, by someone who knows of his bent for "doing" political stuff.
Well, yes, but... I spent the whole time from 1979 to 1997 thinking things would be better if we had a Labour government. And now things are EXACTLY the same. To be honest Dicky finds it a tad depressing.
And the most horrifying aspect of it all is the picture. After the next election there is a real possibility that he will be the single judge of who will be the next government. The deputy leader of the Lib Dems, while they were being lead by a drunk. The man who stood by and allowed the party to fight a General Election with a leader whose frequent drunkenness was public knowledge. And a man who when he finally took some action conducted the most incompetent leadership putsch in political history.
Not the man I'd trust to weigh his own Cabinet seat against the national interest. Sir Menzies Campbell, the most important man in Britain: now that is the stuff of nightmare.


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