Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Missing Childhoods

There were two news stories over the weekend which I saw, but had nothing worthwhile to say about: the nine year old boy charged with rape, and the girl who started smoking at nine, drinking at ten and was pregnant at eleven.

Part of the reason for the paucity of entries (only part, mind you: sloth has also been afoot, or possibly adangle) on this blog for the last couple of weeks is that I have been pondering on the growing post-Potter interest in escapist entertainment by adults, the Lord of the Rings movies, the new Narnia series, the resounding success of the new Dr Who.

While the kids are trying to enter the grownup world through booze and sex the adults seem to be looking for their magic door in the wardrobe or the police call box that will take them back to a more innocent world. There are some ideas forming on those thems which will only take shape if I carry on writing and rewriting them


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