Thursday, May 11, 2006

My New Lodger

Actually it's not: that's a cute gerbil, mine are really:

And they are too shrewd to fall for that trap.
I first spotted my rodent about a month ago, heard a scurrying in the kitchen, went to investigate, and found one of the little rascals sitting on my mop bucket, staring at me.
Next day I went out and bought one of precisely those traps, which was ignored, but, Dicky thought to himself, "maybe it's just a visitor, having a look round," as I'd never found any another sign of rodent activity. A couple of weeks later I heard more scurrying at night, and spotted the hind quarters of a mouse leaving my bedroom.
So, called in the council, who put down little red saucers of seed dyed turquoise, which, until yesterday, I'd thought had also been ignored. Then the council phoned to say that another flat in the building was also accommodating rodents, so I did a thorough check, and they've been at one, just one mind, of the trays of bait. So there are rodents visiting Entrails Towers, though very furtively - no nibbling of packets or any sign of their presence. And they haven't touched another tray of bait that's only a few feet away.
And they haven't fallen for that trap yet.
I've moved the trap right next to the bait which they have nibbled and I await action, though I'm not sure that I really want to remove a squashed mouse from a trap. Couldn't I just give them a ticket and ask them to emigrate?


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