Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Do You Call a Woman Who Sells Sex?

I’ve just taken possession of ‘Keeping It Real’ by Jodie Marsh. (If you want to know my thoughts on Jodie Marsh)

The autobiography of a twenty seven year old woman, and she loses her virginity on page eight. Childhood? That’s just the time when you’re waiting to start having sex, isn’t it? She’s a “glamour” model, selling sex, and on page eight fourteen year old Jodie, gasped in excitement and lay back to enjoy the sensation of him inside me. I loved his circumcised cock, it was smooth and clean so finally having it inside me was blissful.

This isn’t a ghostwriter: la Marsh boasts that she sacked hers and did it all herself. So it’s her decision to skip over the first half of her life to get straight to the sex. The book is called ‘Keeping It Real’ her website is ‘the Real Me’ and yet she writes, when I put on an extremely skimpy outfit, it was almost like I was hiding the real me. I gave off a glow of confidence when I entered a room…Men became almost scared of me and girls hated me. In my head it was OK, because I knew that they were probably just jealous.

To my horror I saw a picture of her a couple of months ago where the photographer had scraped off the excess make up and coaxed her into normal clothes. She’s quite pretty underneath. It’s the things she’s done to herself which are ugly, the nose job, the fake blonde hair, the fluorescent veneer on her upper teeth which she’s too mean to match the lower ones with, the clown make up, the fake tan, the fake everything.

If only she could look at herself honestly in a mirror, and accept what’s there, instead of painting over it. But her “keeping it real” is a bit like Jeffrey Archer writing an autobiography and calling it, ‘the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth’.


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